But the love does not stop there. I have suffered and still suffer now and then from depression. When you can only see the negative side of life. And that is oke. Because a lot of people feel that way and I feel you! There is no shame in expressing that truth. People often hide it because they see it as a weakness. And our daily system is not designed to understand people who suffer from it.

The only thing you need is that one good friend who pumps up the positive vibe in your head. Because you know that person truly loves you. So thank you bro, you have given me the strength in times I need the most! A concept called “SOANG” followed by “Just Chillin” where and when it doesn’t matter what you do because it is alright.

So the moment you have your positive crew together you can actually start doing stuff. That is when people decide to dance. Gather together for the love they have for each other and the love they have for the music. You open up and start to say yes more often instead of closing everything down because of fear.

From that even more positive energy is gained to do even more.