But as we all know, after achieving a peak of happiness a negative peak will follow that could bring you down to earth or maybe even further. At that point motivation is lost and people tend to build that wall around them again. The same wall that has been protecting them for a long time. In convenience that one can live alone on this earth. Because why even bother to care. So take that bullshit with you. My memory is overloaded. And that will leave me brand new, let’s face it you have wasted my time.

And then you realize there is something deeply wrong. What happened?

You catch yourself living a life that you did not want to live at all. And start wondering what to do. But there is no way out. There is only pain that is waiting to be experienced. With no clue what to do, seeing everything as a limitation and having nowhere to go even though the people you love the most are standing up with their arms wide open to help you and give you the actual love that you need. But you just can’t feel a thing.

So you start looking at the world from a different perspective. And you realize that there is more wrong with the world than right. Not because you are down at that moment. but because you are seeing the truth as it is. Human beings being inhuman. And you are the only one who seems to realize. People just moving on with their delusional lives. Pretending to be happy without even thinking about the true meaning of happiness. Living their lives as they are told to do so without asking a single question?  Thinking too much causes them headaches and depression. So it is for the best not to think and keep on living that meaningless life. But there is no room to think, because if you do, you will lose faith in your most important beliefs. Which creates questions about how society is actually working at this moment. You start asking questions about the biggest influencers of society. And you start making your own principles by thinking rather than by sleeping. It wakes up a pretty angry emotion. An emotion that is so strong it could move a mountain. If only other people could see the truth. They would be angry too. So is it really time to wake people up? Is it my duty to tell the truth if the truth is clouded to mislead the people? FUCK YES it is! So where the to start?

Let’s start with the truth that I have experienced in my childhood. This is what we humans have done to other humans on earth. Listen to the text closely in this track:

But that is not all of course. You see there is something terribly wrong with our world. And lets us not pretend it is not our fault. Because we are the world. And as long as you can truly say that you have done nothing wrong. You are either still sleeping or just ignorant. I am sorry to do this but it is the right of human beings to know. Because each one of us needs to take responsibility!

I mean you have the power to say no. To start thinking and start living a real life instead of one that is already drawn out for you by society. Society that is shaped by money. Society that does not give you the freedom to be who you want to be. Society that is too stupid to understand the concept of equality. Society that pretends they do not see what is going on in the world because they are too busy achieving something in their life. Society that teaches each individual to compete with the other individuals to be the best. Society where some people have to sleep hungry while others are watching.

People are dying out there and we are here talking about it. I’m ashamed :(