But then the time comes to cool down and wait because time is relative. And as someone ever told me that the things you do are a reflection of you. A negative true attitude brings negativity. But I would rather piss off a lot of people with the truth than kiss them with lies. Because the truth needs to be told. I’m not just gonna sit down watch the wolves take us down one by one.

So accepting the fact that we are getting fucked every day is a start. Accepting the illusion of life as it is. Because at the end, life is a big shit whole all the time. Sometimes there is little shit and sometimes there is a lot of shit. So it is not about becoming shitless but enjoying the actual shit with a risen head, smiling.

At that point you realize how much fun you have had when you were doing the fun stuff you were doing and how much you miss the people you were chilling with. You realize how much distance you have already created by isolating yourself from them. But you won’t give up on them. Because you truly love them.

So you look into the future by realizing your past. And you look forward to go into the positive future to feel a live again. Turning off all that fear that has been blocking you unconsciously. You now see more positive again. Appreciating life as it is and not worried about it because it is all good. So you start chilling again. But that does not mean that you let the truth go as it was nothing. You have now implemented that truth into your new principles.

What is really important to realize that we humans are constantly changing over time and so principles are also changeable because every day you learn more. And principles that are based on information need to be adjusted by each valuable peace of information you gain.

But I think there is something else that we need to look into very seriously. Spreading positivity and love. Because it is still allowed to smile and to have fun. And spreading the idea of limitlessness. Society sets the limits. But we actually don’t have to follow.

Creativity takes courage and most of the times is not appreciated because it is not understood. But the real freedom lies in one’s self appreciation. If you don’t need any kind of appreciation from anyone, you are truly in peace with yourself. Accepting you as you are whether people like you or not. Because you are born alone and will die alone. So don’t expect to get your self-confidence from others. The day you start listening to your higher self which naturally shuts out a great part of your basic animal instincts. You become a stronger person. Because you are not dependent anymore. And as mentioned earlier, you are much harder to manipulate.