Hello fellow human being,

And so it all started with love. Love for each other, love for the parents, love for the kids, love for the passion and love for humanity and the human being. To achieve such love, a certain amount of freedom is needed. Free of limitations, free of negativity and free of hate. A smile could represent that freedom.
With this album I want to tell you a bit of my story. A story that is still going on and perhaps would never end. But before I start I want you to realize that human beings are born free. So I would love you to enjoy the album without being limited by time, false notes or musical inexperience because I am not sure about an artist’s definition. But I know for sure that this album represents a whole chapter of my life that I would love to express. It contains a lot of emotions that I have attached to each and every sound in each track.

And it all started with love.



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